Our Journey

Eternity, born and brought up the in the local streets of Mumbai market, has managed to reach to every corner of India since its establishment in the year 2007 and is still thriving to grow beyond our imagination. After creating a niche in Hammering Drill Bits, it has raised the bar for Marble Cutting Blades in the Indian market, and now it’s aiming to widen it’s growth in various other products. Look out for us, as we assure to bring the best on the table every-time.

We provide essential services to all customers!




Even before currency was introduced to this world, people used to trade things on barter system. The quality of the product was taken in consideration before valuing it, and it’s the most powerful strength of us, as that’s what we’re known for and valued for. We make sure that our products learn to speak for themselves even before we launch them.


In today’s world it is one of the most important factors to look after, and that’s where we try and tick all the right boxes. We have been able to build a different segment all together for us where our customer can afford to have us. The idea behind the development of any product is simple, “Customer should be able to buy it”.


Not a one-time thing. A lot of calculation goes behind launching a product, and one of the most important one is, to be available again. Quality can surely sell a product but it’s the availability that will eventually create a customer base for you. We have created a niche for us in the industry where our customers are assured of a regular supply of goods and that’s our biggest strength, AVAILABILITY.


Over the years we’ve learnt that, customer will come back only if the Quality, Availability & Affordability has been checked and maintained. In a competitive market it’s the brand value that will help to sell a product. Tempering with the quality or pricing can deteriorate the Brand value. We assure the durability of our product quality and pricing before we present them to you.


Happy with the quality of products. Affordable prices. An all rounder.

Abhishek Verma, Wholesaler
Good range of products with systematic management and professional service.
Nakul Sethi, Distributer - Kanpur
Eternity SDS drill are of very good quality. Better than Bosch and Makita.
Jagdish Mehta, Civil Engineer
Very happy with your professionalism and prompt services. I wish we would have started working long time ago
Yusuf Merchant